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Legend of Zelda Maps - Ian- Skip ahead to Chapter 2 to progress straight to the first dungeon. Complete maps of the first Zelda game for the NES, including layer seperations for those. Grotto key — Use this legend to match up the cave letters on the map.

The <i>Legend</i> of <i>Zelda</i> - Game <i>Maps</i> <i>NES</i>

The Legend of Zelda - Game Maps NES The walkthrough below is a complete 100% guide through of the entire game, along with miscellaneous guides for the various collectibles, oddball secrets, and everything else there is to find in the game. The Legend of Zelda - Game Maps NES First Quest Maps. Submitted by Fecal-Lord - Published on 07/27/04 See all The Legend of Zelda

<strong>Legend</strong> of <strong>Zelda</strong> - Nintendo <strong>NES</strong> - Manual -

Legend of Zelda - Nintendo NES - Manual - Right from the start, enter the cave to find an Old Man who will give you your first item, the Sword. There is a shop that sells bombs at the far east of the map. THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. Maps and Strategies. Maps and Strategies. Can you and your wits alone save Zelda? This Map holds useful information to help you.

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